When one of my family members asks why I don’t have a boyfriend


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Elton John in a bumper car.

On the way to save rock and roll
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“We had a theme for season 2. A little darker, a little more fractured. We wanted to explore the groups one at a time. It was getting a little summer-campy, and we wanted to address the realities that this is prison.” - Jenji Kohan


People on here always postin pics of their pets like they got nothin else to post. Like do you think I even care about pics of your pets? Well I do. Please keep posting pics of your pets

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Reasons why you should have plants in your room

-          More clean air

-          People think you are cool

-          They look pretty

-          You can sing to them and they won’t tell you to shut up

-          You feel proud when they grow

-          You can give them cute names

-          pLAnTs



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the problem with rich people is that i am not one

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